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Denis Brogan explains that he doesn't share the certainty or types of belief that many adherents of world religions claim, but he does believe that love is better than hate, and that the love of friends gives meaning to life.

Raymond Swing, an editor for "This I Believe," describes how the realization that most of his troubles were caused by ignorance led him to become more tolerant of others, and states his beliefs in his participation in the "All-Wisdom" of God, in his responsibility to change himself, and in the importance of extending to others the love and freedom which he desires for himself. Contains a short advertisement for This I Believe book (this essay included in the book).

Herbert Hodge describes his search for his own personal, practical philosophy for life: to try his best at all he does.

Jacob Bronowski describes his simultaneous introduction to mathematics and the English language, his love that developed for both subjects, and his belief in using the mind to find truth.

Wilfred Pickles talks about his faith in the "common man" and that it is the work of these people that make a difference in the world.

Mary Agnes Hamilton describes her belief in the soul and the bond it creates between fellow human beings, and her belief in absolute values that remain true despite the evils of Nazism and Communism.

Sir Philip Joubert, Director of Public Relations in the Air Ministry, describes his beliefs in the goodness of humans, in the importance of self-sacrifice and duty, and in the uncertainty of believing in the simple faith of the past.

Louis MacNeice defines beliefs as statements of personal preference, and describes his belief that the world can avoid anarchism because people share many of the same preferences, including the desire to build an orderly society.

Tyrone Guthrie describes his belief that concepts traditionally considered to be opposites (God vs. the Devil, good vs. evil, success vs. failure, happiness vs. unhappiness) are really points on the same spectrum, and impossible to fully separate.