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Lt. Col. George Stewart, Air Force Interpreter of American Life and Culture to the British Armed Forces, describes how he developed a moral code based on friendliness, and explains how his faith in people developed because of his neighbors' friendliness, and how Jesus demonstrated God's friendliness during His time on earth.

Fannie Hurst explains how the the character of her late husband reminds her that one must be honest with oneself and in order to be fulfilled and achieve peacefulness, tranquility and personal success.

Lyn Mellard, Graduate student at the University of Arizona, talks about the dynaminc and changing nature of life and describes an analogy in which God is a banker from whom people make deposits and loans to, or from, life. Ms. Mellard concludes by explaining why the responsibility for her happiness rests at her own feet.

Gerty Cori describes the advantages of immigrating to America, and her beliefs in modern science and the progress of humanity.

Fran Warren describes the start of her career as a professional singer, her belief that people are instinctively nice, her gratitude for her faithful fans, and the responsibility she feels as a celebrity in the public eye.

W.C. Mullendore describes his belief that "we are here to develop the best that is within us," and how hatred impedes that goal.