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Lost Theaters of Somerville: Nick Riselli Interview

Sylvester Long recounts his experiences growing up in an Ohio farming family, and describes his belief that he is merely a "window" through which to reveal God's light to others and God's "subcontractor" whose work is done ultimately for and with God.

Ernest Macmillan, Conductor of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Dean of Music at Toronto University and Principal of the Toronto Conservatory, describes the importance of life in the world and its immaterial mystery and his belief that one must find purpose in life and enjoy it as best one can to glorify God.

Lucile Watson recounts her childhood discovery of the knowledge that she could change herself for the better, and, after successes with simple things such as maintaining her hair and quitting nail-biting, she developed a philosophy for life, including a belief that God was in everything and made everything.

Werner Herbert, Head of Werner Textile Consultants, would like to add an eleventh commandment; to be kind to everyone. He also explains why kindess is important and how followinf this commandment has positively affected his life.

Art Linkletter talks about his experiences in the entertainment industry as a host and announcer and how his focus on his own abilities, limits and performance, as well as his appreication of people, has contributed to his success.

Helen Winston describes her experiences of trying to become an actress--working as a waitress in order to study people--and states her beliefs that there is a little bit of godliness in every person, that individuals have a basic impulse towards virtue, and that it is important to value the beauty and love available in the present moment.

Anna Hayes, associate editor of the PTA magazine, describes her fear of lightening as a child and the realization that fear is incompatible with faith in God. Anna also explains that faith in people and selflessness can bring the "kingdom of God on earth."

Kate Holliday describes her beliefs in the brotherhood of humanity, in the right to freedom of worship, and in the Golden rule.

Robert Stacy-Judd relates an experience from early in his career when unemployment left him homeless and in despair; however, rather than taking his own life, he had the opportunity to prevent another from committing suicide, establishing his faith in divine help, prayer, and a sense of humor.

Frank Lloyd recounts how he met his wife through a series of events, and describes his beliefs that trying to flout God's rule leads to disappointment and regret and that human beings are created in God's image with an innate sense of religion and understanding of right and wrong.

Lost Theaters of Somerville: Tom and Jennie Vartabedian Interview

P. K. Menzies describes his belief in the physician's responsibility to treat his patients with respect and dignity, and explains how his study of the intricate workings of the human body formed his belief that the universe must have been designed by a "supreme architect."

Interviewed in Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Kris Manjapra

Interviewed in Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Kris Manjapra

Interviewed in Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Kris Manjapra

Interviewed in Oxford, United Kingdom by Kris Manjapra