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Philosophy 167: Class 1 - Part 1 Introduction: The Discovery of High-Quality Evidence

Paul Barnes relates a series of experiences in which he was helped by people of differing religious faith, socioeconomic status, political affiliations or skin color, and how these experiences affirm his belief in the essential goodness of people.

Leland Stowe talks about his experiences around the world meeting different people and the similarities he saw and how his expereinces convinced him that everyone should try to undestand other people and act with comapsiion and empathy.

Robert Hillyer describes his belief that a poet's job is to strip away dead or negative emotions to allow room for light, and his belief in finding satisfaction from each day as it arrives. This episode is a rebroadcast of an earlier airing.

Risana Malik, Rashna Munawar, Hiram Reynolds, Don Tran, Two Travelers and the Bay of Bengal

Interview conducted by Kenneth J. Cleary.

Margery Brown describes her beliefs in God, in the existence of a soul, in the satisfaction of contributing to life, and in the value of humility.

Katherine Bottigheimer remembers an encounter with her elderly cousin Theresa and the consequent philosophy she unconsciously developed as a result: the value of hard work for the betterment of others.

Lost Theaters of Somerville: Nick Riselli Interview