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George Mardikian describes his Armenian custom of serving the staff of his restaurant on Christmas Day, his imprisonment and escape from Armenia, and the welcome and success he found in America.

Kris Manjapra, Nancy Bauer, Ioannis Evrigenis, David Hammer, Roger Tobin discuss technology solutions for teaching at the STREAM meeting.

Frank Dalley, office manager at the Utah Department of Employment Securit and National Gaurdsman, recounts his expereineces in the Korean War and how he relied on prayer for guidance and his determination to try to help others and relieve human suffering in whatever way he could.

Moekarto Notowidigdo, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Indonesia, describes being in jail during the Indonesian push for independence, and witnessing the comraderie of prisoners from all socioeconomic statuses, which led them to sing the Indonesian National Anthem during an execution.

Carlos Romulo describes his belief in being true to himself despite the cost, exemplified by his inability to be with his family while he operated the broadcast Voice of Freedom during WWII and in his decision to withdraw his candidacy for president of the Philippines in order to help a candidate who shared his values win the election.

You Chan Yang describes his hope that he has made a difference in the lives of injured or disabled persons during his tenure on earth, and relates a story in which a boy discovers that only God knows the definition of goodness.

Frank Lloyd recounts how he met his wife through a series of events, and describes his beliefs that trying to flout God's rule leads to disappointment and regret and that human beings are created in God's image with an innate sense of religion and understanding of right and wrong.