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Margaret Hickey recalls her childhood when her father read the Bible to the famiy, and describes how her faith must be an active one of service.

In a recording aired posthumously, Samuel Shellabarger describes his beliefs in his dependence upon God for eternal life, in the existence of natural laws that govern values and morality, and in the value of using the past to inform future decisions.

Aniket De, Muhammad Mustafa Monowar, Sara Mehnaz, Ishrat Jahan Prioti, From Medina to Malacca: The Spread of Sufism

Louis Seltzer describes how he accounts to God daily for his conduct and describes his efforts to always make the best of his abilities, however limited, and to produce goodness in the world through his actions.

Kris Manjapra, Nancy Bauer, Ioannis Evrigenis, David Hammer, Roger Tobin discuss technology solutions for teaching at the STREAM meeting.

Theodore Heubener describes how he came to believe that suffering had a purpose, either as the result of a person's transgression of the natural order of the universe, or as the basis through which one's character is formed.

Starr Daily describes how he reversed his life from one of criminal activity based upon ill will towards society to one of responsibility based upon good will. Audio also contains an advertisement for This I Believe book, Volume II.

Jake Zeitlin describes his beliefs in the liberty to live one's life according to reason, in self-discipline, in the value of self-improvement through books and culture, in the importance of laughter, in the value of tempering faith in science with respect for humanity, and in the honesty of his wife and children. Audio also contains advertisement for "This I Believe" book.

While reporting from Germany during Nazi rule, radio commentator William L. Shirer learned the value of tolerance and freedom and was inspired by people's ability to retain their faith and will to live in the face of attrocities. Shirer believes that mans resilience, especially during times of war, comes from having a rich inner life of reflection and contemplation.