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Senator Lehman describes his two basic beliefs: First, one should give back to society according to what he or she has received, and secondly, one should extend respect to the opinions and beliefs of others.

Enseng Ho lecture entitled Burial and Travel: Islam across Indian Ocean Cultures.

Edward R. Murrow introduces This I Believe to the audience and describes its purpose.

Joseph Weinreb reflects on ethics and morality and resolves that nothing is created bad or evil but becomes so Joseph Weinrab reflects on ethics and morality and resolves that nothing is created bad or evil but becomes so misdirection and love, compassion, and hard work are means by which we can achieve a harmonious world.

J.P. McEvoy, the Roving Editor of Reader's Digest and creator of the comic strip "Dixie Dugan," describes his beliefs that prayer is a two-way communication with God, that philosophers haven't yet worked all the mysteries of the universe, that opportunities should be equal for all with rewards based on achievement, that individuals should live for liberty at home as well as die for it abroad, that people should take responsibility for solving their own problems, and that it is better to be kind than clever. Audio also contains an advertisement for "This I Believe" book, Volume II.

Interview was conducted on by Kristina Ceruzzi at Cortland Dugger's home. Present were Cortland Dugger and Kristina Ceruzzi.

Sunil Amrith lecture entitled "Islam in the Bay of Bengal: Between Tamil and Malay Worlds"

Robert Travers, Assoc. Professor, Department of History, Cornell University. Lecture entitled "The Connected World of Haji Mustapha: an informer to the British in eighteenth century Bengal"

Partha Chatterjee lecture entitled "Early Modern Absolutism in 18th Century India"

Jonathan Spencer lecture entitled "Peeling the Onion of Conflict: Muslims (and Catholics and Buddhists and Others) in the Sri Lankan Civil War"