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Raymond Allen, Chancellor of UCLA, describes the impact his family had on teaching him responsibility and other beliefs such as the necessity of family and describes the beliefs he holds close, such as the importance of kindness,the perfectabiloity of man, the need for faith and freedom to worship, and the value of creativity. This essay also contains an advertisement for a This I Believe LP album.

Kate Holliday describes her beliefs in the brotherhood of humanity, in the right to freedom of worship, and in the Golden rule.

Robert Powers, writer of "Crime Was My Business," a Saturday Evening Post series, explains the value he has found in many different religions and that love, between man and God, can protect people from the uncertainty and fear they experience in life.

George Day describes his belief in the equality of all races, in the brotherhood of humanity, in a personal God, and in the potential for Russian and American peoples to live in harmony.

Lee Jackson describes his love of painting, and how he found encouragement to pursue that love despite lack of recognition or finances in the early days of his career.

Remsen Bird explains that though there are many problems in the world which challenge his convictions, he nevertheless believes that God brings truth, beauty, and righteousness into the world, acting through those individuals who show love and care for others.