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Physics professor Hugh Gallagher uses video to help students practice presenting principles of thermal physics as part of an effort to improve communications skills for students in his discipline.

Physics professor Roger Tobin discusses his successful use of Peer Instruction, facilitated by clickers, to encourage student involvement during large physics lectures.

Sponsored by the Office of the Provost, an interdisciplinary seminar on child and youth development helps students explore international perspectives on children in exceptionally difficult circumstances.

Professor Mary Viola, Director of the Gordon Institute, inspires students to develop the skills needed to meet authentic professional challenges through the use of Peer to Peer Learning and educational technologies such as Clickers and MediaMarkup.

Biology professor Francie Chew weighs the pros and cons of using enhanced podcasts in large lecture classes, concluding that the benefits outweigh the challenges.

Steve Cohen, Professor of Education, reflects on the importance of connecting content to student lives with graduate students in the CELT GIFT program.

Nutritional Science professor Diane McKay incorporates productive online discussions across all teaching modalities: face-to-face, online, and hybrid.

Engineering professor Chris Rogers leads Tufts faculty members through a hands on interactive workshop with Legos as a way to encourage new ways to think about engaging students in the classroom.

TERC curriculum developers join with Tufts Arts and Sciences faculty members to train K-12 science teachers in how to better facilitate discussions in their classrooms.

Biology professor Colin Orians assigns teams of students to produce short videos as a way to engage large classes in scientific topics and current research.

Engineering professor Chris Swan promotes multiple levels of skill development through service learning, utilizing a model of authentic projects designed and implemented cooperatively between students and communities.