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Ward Greene charts a timeline of faith through an individual's lifetime--accepting as a child, intense as a young adult, and uncertain in middle age--and describes his beliefs in simple truths such as the Golden Rule.

Founder and Executive Director of the National Committee on Alcoholism, Marty Mann describes her experience with alcoholism, and states her beliefs that suffering is universal but can be used to teach life lessons and that she is uniquely suited to help the suffering of alcoholics.

Joe Williams describes how sports and an escape from a plane crash have shaped his beliefs that sports reveal and develop character, and that there comes a point when events in life can no longer be changed, but rather pass "into the record" and must be accepted with calmness.

Elmer Davis discusses the importance of intellectual freedom to freedom and progress, and some of the difficulties that can come with such freedom.

Mr. and Mrs. Hale, having been married for a long time, talk of the imminent death that will separate them as they age, and inspite of the expected grief they will continue to see life with excitement and wonder, and remind all of the importance to have compassion for everyone.

Verona Slater describes her experience with religion as a child, the daughter of a minister, and how her beliefs in wisdom, kindess, courage and strneght have been shaped by these experiences.

Maurice Edelman describes his youthful ideal of creating a more just society that prompted him to go into British politics, his eventual disillusionment and cynicism, and the reawakening of his ideal through a visit to the site of Struthof, a former Nazi concentration camp.

Red Barber talks about the spirit of the athlete and how this exemplifies the importance of spirit in life.

Richard Salmon ponders the magnitude of the universe and describes his realization that everything is part of God's plan and how fishing teaches him to make the best of life.

Richard McFeely describes how an attack of infantile paralysis (polio) shattered his dreams of a career in physical education, and how his mother's encouragement helped him discover that life was worth living, even in misfortune. This episode is a rebroadcast of an earlier airing.