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Sir John Hunt describes his belief that all worthwhile achievements are accomplished with the help of inspiration and ultimately, God.

Edwin Earle recounts a lesson from a painting instructor at art school and the impact they had on him later in life when coping with his blindess and other adversity.

Lord Casson describes his appreciation and preference for the simple pleasures he derives from life, art and family, and expresses his relative disinterest in religion and politics.

Frank Totton describes the meaning he finds in life as a result of his religious faith and belief that God works through man which encourages and enables him to support and aid others.

Martin Littleton describes an experience in which he flunked a college exam rather than give in to the temptation to cheat, and how that lesson in integrity provided the framework for living a life of personal, inner satisfaction.

Bert Whitehurst describes how waiting for a spinal fusion surgery brought him to a belief in prayer and released him from the fear of death.

Fred Hoyle describes his belief that morality is merely a matter of what outcomes will benefit a nation, and that, since conflict happens when nations outgrow their resources, we should address the issue of overpopulation in England and America.

Dr. Ivor Griffith, the President and research director of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, describes several people of different faiths which all pray to the same God and imagines them all before St. Peter at the gates of heaven then describes the accounting that will take place and why they will all be judged equally regardless of their faiths or their race.

E. B. Hauke describes how his beliefs were shaped by his experiences as an immigrant trying to achieve a better way of life: as a result, he believes in frugality, wise use of resources, tolerance, kindness, humility, and the brotherhood of humanity.

Anne Phipps describes her ongoing transition from a belief simply in outward things--such as the beauty to be found in nature, art, dance and literature--to a belief in her inner soul.