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Two of our neighbors and my father, the three elderly people, they went to stop it and tried to save him but in vain. Then I saw another stabbing that led to killing. These created a great deal of impression on me [phone rings]. amake korte bolle ami parini korte eta. You see, I mean...the impression created on my adolescent mind was the futility of the communal divide. You see, if man can kill a man only because he belonged to another religion, I mean, this is not a good criteria to live by. A very well known person lived in our area. That was the actor Chobi Biswas. He left a day after the riots had started under police escort, and we had a building very close to our house which had many, many apartments -- small flats, and there it had mixed occupants Hindus and Muslims. So quite a number of Muslim families they got together, I mean, protected the Hindus as they were leaving under police escort. Those Muslim families came under abuse, not attack, but abuses were hurled at them.

Interviewed in Dhaka, Bangladesh by Iftekhar Iqbal