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Harold Taylor expresses his beliefe in the essential goodness of people and their natures and describes his philosophy that that, quality of life and faith in the future is a consequence of developing this goodness to live in harmony with other people.

Robert McEwen describes his faith in people that he developed from working with young people in education and his belief in the adaptability of people in a dynamic universe.

Louis Trilling talks about how beliefs change, particularly as one changes, and what is important is that one does have beliefs to follow and that for one to be happy and content one should believe in something outside of oneself.

Edwin Earle recounts a lesson from a painting instructor at art school and the impact they had on him later in life when coping with his blindess and other adversity.

Frank Totton describes the meaning he finds in life as a result of his religious faith and belief that God works through man which encourages and enables him to support and aid others.

Martin Littleton describes an experience in which he flunked a college exam rather than give in to the temptation to cheat, and how that lesson in integrity provided the framework for living a life of personal, inner satisfaction.

Interview conducted 2/25/05 at the Baptist Church, W. Springfield by Gwynne Langley and Toryn Miller-Stevens. Present were Lois Pinton, Toryn Miller-Stevens and Gwynne Langley.

Anne Phipps describes her ongoing transition from a belief simply in outward things--such as the beauty to be found in nature, art, dance and literature--to a belief in her inner soul.

Interviewed in Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Kris Manjapra

Interviewed in Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Kris Manjapra