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Physics professor Roger Tobin discusses his successful use of Peer Instruction, facilitated by clickers, to encourage student involvement during large physics lectures.

Aniket De, Muhammad Mustafa Monowar, Sara Mehnaz, Ishrat Jahan Prioti, From Medina to Malacca: The Spread of Sufism

Philosophy 167: Class 1 - Part 1 Introduction: The Discovery of High-Quality Evidence

Sponsored by the Office of the Provost, an interdisciplinary seminar on child and youth development helps students explore international perspectives on children in exceptionally difficult circumstances.

Professor Mary Viola, Director of the Gordon Institute, inspires students to develop the skills needed to meet authentic professional challenges through the use of Peer to Peer Learning and educational technologies such as Clickers and MediaMarkup.

Enseng Ho lecture entitled Burial and Travel: Islam across Indian Ocean Cultures.