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Dwight Taylor describes his belief that science cannot answer the question of "Why?" and that, until individuals learn to live in gratitude and wonder at the miracle of life, humans will not learn to live peacefully with one another.

Interview was conducted on 3/6/05 by Courtney Robinson.

Ruth Kingman describes the religious beliefs of her ancestors, and describes her own belief in college students, who provide her hope for the future.

Remsen Bird explains that though there are many problems in the world which challenge his convictions, he nevertheless believes that God brings truth, beauty, and righteousness into the world, acting through those individuals who show love and care for others.

Roswell Ham describes being raised by a single mother and the impact she had on his beliefs in beauty.

Roy Harris, Composer-in-Residence at the Pennsylvania College for Women, describes his belief in an intelligent designer, in natural laws, in the limitations of human intelligence and the need for humility, and in the great evil and great good of which humans are capable. Audio also contains advertisement for "This I Believe" book.

Interviewed in Delhi, India by Kris Manjapra

Interviewed in Columbia University, New York, New York, United States of America by Kris Manjapra

Interviewed in Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Kris Manjapra